Got this email just today and it got me to thinking. Heck, it even inspired me to make a video on a sunny afternoon while listening to the Kinks! The video link. Here’s his email: Hi Jeff How are you doing? I watch your video with my morning cup of tea every day. I have a […]


5-10 Iron Condor Redux

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Back to the well again. I haven’t forgotten about this year old strategy that I have not used. I know, shame on me. But now I have a real reason to re-visit this and apply it to a taxable account. I have a relative’s taxable account that I have been wanting to trade options in […]


From My Inbox – Is Trading Pro Worth It?

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I received this email the other day from Joey. I’ll let his questions speak for themselves.   Hello Jeff, I am a subscriber on your YouTube Channel as well as follower of your blog. I am deciding to follow your recommendation in reference to the Trading as a Business Course (now called “Trading Pro System” […]


From My Inbox – 20 vs 50 Delta

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Another good question via email that I wanted to share the answer with all of you… Hi Jeff, Following your Option Guru Credit Spread System 2.0 from Sunday, January 26, 2014 and your daily scans and had a question on how you are determining the 20 versus 50 delta trade? I’m sure I’ll have more […]


From My Inbox – CSSv2™ Entry

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Hi Jeff, Thanks for sharing your system with everyone. I had a question about its’ entry. Do you only enter the trade at days end and in the morning? Or, if you’re waiting a second day for MACD to turn do you enter when it turns or continue to wait until the end of the […]


Anatomy of Assignment

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It was around Noon on Monday, February 10th, when COST indicated a CSSv2 Bear Call entry. I sold 4 FEB4 113/114 Call Spreads for $.45. The next day, Tuesday, February 11th, the stock opened up and continued to moved higher during the day. I noticed it, but I wanted to stay in the trade since […]


Let’s Talk Time Decay (theta)

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Theta is the amount of dollars an option contract will gain (positive theta) or lose (negative theta) in a day, provided the price of the underlying doesn’t move, or at that particular point in time. Does that mean its not good to have negative theta? No, it doesn’t – but it depends on what your […]


The System is Here!

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Finally, after all the bloviating and hoopla, the complete system is here! It’s yours and it’s FREE! The Option Guru’s Credit Spread System v2.0 (from here on known as CSSv2™) is for all to use. Follow my trades as I use this system daily – well, at least if there is an entry signal. There […]


AAPL Earnings Trades

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Here I am, thinking out loud (again) about a few different earnings plays for AAPL. I feel the best thing to do is pick a directions, limit risk, and go for it. I’m taking the Bear side for Monday. You’ll find the video here or over there. ► Happy Trading ◄Jeff►


Bear Week

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Well, it’s about 2:20 pm and there’s still over an hour left before the market closes. Right now, the S&P’s are at 1792, down -32 for the day and about -43 for the week. Is this the correction everyone has been talking about? I had only one Credit Spread this week, on AAPL and it […]