Weekly Wrap Up for Friday, April 8th, 2016

by Jeff on April 8, 2016

magenta_shadow_iconI said I might roll that RUT Bear Call APR spread to MAY last week, and that’s what I did. Most of this week’s update will be an analysis of the numbers involved in that roll. After the roll, I Condorized it with a MAY Bull Put Credit Spread.

At first glance it looks like a genius concocted this strategy, but a look under the covers reveals that I am still far from out of the woods. If RUT refuses to move below 1100 near the MAY expiration, well… But, based on many technical indicators, there is a lot of weakness and lack of momentum out there and chances are we are looking at another wave down.

Here’s a look at the MAY RUT Iron Condor and a high level summary of the numbers involved.

4-8-2016 1-39-51 PM

Now sit back and enjoy the video.

Click here to watch the video

Click here to watch the video

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