Weekly Results – Here’s the spread sheet that I use with my actual results since January of 2014. Updated as of 06/24/2016 p.m.


Credit Spread System v2.0™ Studies This package contains the TOS chart setups for CSSv2™. There is also information for setting up other charting platforms. (Updated 6/6/2014 with the new 20 EMA) 


Credit Spread System v2.0™ Rules Using ATM Credit Spreads and the Stochastic and MACD for entry and exit. So far this has proven to be an incredibly accurate system for trading option spreads. Make sure you watch the videos as well. 


Credit vs Debit Spread Table: from my post and video dated March 4, 2015.


Indices Watch List This is the watch list that you see on my videos. It’s a csv file that should import easily into TOS. 


A Plus Watch List This is my A+ Watch List that should import easily into the TOS platform. 


  • MS – thank you for the compliment and encouragement.

    Yes, you could. As a matter of fact, I’ve used it to day trade options. Just a word of caution: buying a Put or Call deep ITM is expensive and you could lose the entire debit, as you probably know. Finally, you could use the indicators for any sort of directional trade.
    Happy Trading ◄Jeff►

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  • Pep – this year I stumbled out of the gate. Turns out CSSv2 was not working because the market started to consolidate this year. I still use the indicators but instead of 50 delta trades I am using 20 delta on equities and 10 delta on the cash indices (SPX RUT NDX)with more focus on the cash indices. There was a learning curve involved there and now I’m comfortable with this strategy adjustment.

    Option trading supplements my income but it’s not the main source. If I said that I’ll have to find where that is and correct it. Since I’m retired, I have multiple streams of income, which is always advisable.

    Thanks for your question and Happy Trading ◄Jeff►

  • Pep

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for being transparent and sharing you knowledge and results on your
    trading. I was looking a the excel sheet with results it doesn’t seem to be
    very profitable (unless I’m interpreting them incorrectly?). Are these based on
    the CSSv2 system? The weekly results seem to be minimal – the rewards don’t
    seem to be too high. Just wondering if you are using other strategies to create
    a higher profits? I think you’ve mentioned that trading is your main source of
    income but can’t see how based on the spreadsheet. Just doing some research on creating extra income via options trading.



    • Well, Pep, that’s how transparent I am. Yes, this year has been a bit difficult but I’m still eating well.
      I still use the CSSv2 indicators but because of the market consolidation lately, I’ve switched to 20 delta on equities and 10 delta on the cash indices (and expirations 30+ days out) and that’s working out better now that I’m getting comfortable with it.
      Longer term and more relaxed. Breath deeply. Stay tuned and subscribe to either my Vimeo Channel or this blog – it doesn’t hurt.

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  • Sekhar

    options trading requires the effective use of open interest interpretation. For traders in india, open interest live charts is good source with auto updated charts including PCR charts

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  • Mahlen – Welcome and thanks for the comment. I don’t know what the problem is, but I’ll email it to you. Note: the plan is 4 years old and I have greatly simplified it and created two videos that explain it. You can watch them on my YouTube Channel: Click on Playlist on the left and watch Charts and Analysis.
    Happy Trading ◄Jeff►

  • Pima – yes, I have looked at Condors. My primary concern with them is they use either all Calls or all Puts. This is dangerous when you start to mess around with short options that may be deep ITM. In order to set them up with the same probabilities as an IC, you will end up with one side ITM from day one, so there is a risk of assignment from the get go. And, when you do set them up with say, a 80% probability, you get the same risk reward ratio as an IC.

    Good thinking, though, and a good question. Thanks for asking.

    Happy Trading ◄Jeff►

  • Canyon,

    I guess by now you know how I feel about adjustments. The course that I recommend, Trading Pro System, does have 3-4 videos on adjustments, and some of the bonus videos do as well.

    If you want my feed back, just click on the course image on the right side of my blog. Recently I’ve come to realize that it’s not any specific I can put my finger on, but mostly just a means of opening my eyes to other strategies and the hours David spends repeating them and clarifying the methods he uses. Of course, there always the ability to just go back and watch them over again – always finding things I missed in previous views.

    Happy Trading ◄Jeff►

  • Canyon,

    There is always a way to adjust a trade in that manner, but it’s only for that moment in time at that underlying price – especially Calendars since profit is so dependent on IV. What if I threw another $2-3 into an adjustment and then the price moved past breakeven. Now my loses accelerate even faster and it will cost me more to exit.

    I could go on and on about Calendars, suffice to say that when you dig into them they are quite complex but on the surface seem quite simple.

    Happy Trading ◄Jeff►

    • I did a similar trade to close my RUT DC and sold another OTM put spread for current cycle. Later I realized I could do an ATM spread to reduce Delta risk and Vega as well. Do you use ATM spread to hedge sometimes?

      • Charles,

        Absolutely! But, if I feel that I am too Bullish, I still feel you can’t beat a Double Put Calendar.

        I like ATM Credit Spreads for Weekly expirations and for directional bets at earnings.

        Happy Trading ◄Jeff►

  • Canyon,

    Great comment! My motivation to do the videos is very simple: focus! It’s basically my morning routine – I just record it and think out loud.

    Your idea for Calendars is a good one. You should test it out in Paper Trade and see how it works out for you. Me? I’m not a fan or rolling Calendars and I don’t plan on it when I open them, but I will if it looks good.

    I use the 1to5 indicators because that makes the most sense for time fractals on swing trading. I do use the 1to3 for day trading (I don’t discuss this on my blog or in videos) where I have 1, 3 & 9 minute charts open on stocks or 300/900/1800 tic charts on futures.

    Thanks again for the comment – it’s a good one!.

    Happy Trading ◄Jeff►

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